Transforming your backyard is easy when you call Beehive Property Maintenance!

Our Emerald property maintenance specialists know exactly what it takes to tackle the roughest of gardens, which is why we carry a huge range of landscaping supplies to ensure we've always got you covered.

Our landscaping products include:

Soils and potting mixes

Soils and potting mixes are mediums in which plants grow. Soils ain't just soils, so remember to match your purchase to your expectations.

  • Sandy loam
  • Organic composted soil - for topdressing the lawn and building those larger garden beds, Also great for improving existing soils in gardens. Beehive makes this product locally with local labour and no added chemicals.
  • Potting mix - for building raised garden beds for uses such as vegetation gardens and ornamental gardens. This product can also be used for repotting plants.
  • Cow manure - Screened - A highly nutritious finely screened dry manure that adds organic matter to the soil. It decomposes more slowly than horse or chicken manure and therefore provides a source of nitrogen for longer.

Sand and gravel

  • White sand - washed and screened - certified for playgrounds
  • Fine Dune Sand - washed and screened - certified for playgrounds (sticky)
  • Coarse sand
  • Brickies loam
  • Concrete mix
  • Crusher dust
  • Crusher dust - 11
  • Road base
  • Blue metal 10mm
  • Blue metal 20mm
  • Scalpings(washed out cement)


  • GP Cement 20kg bags
  • Mortar mix
  • Rapid set


  • River pebbles oversize 65mm+
  • Honey 10mm + 20mm
  • White 10mm + 20mm
  • Oyster grey 20mm

Garden Timbers

CCA pine sleepers

  • 200x50x2400
  • 200x50x3000

CCA pine logs

125 diametre- other sizes and lengths available


Beehive splits hardwood logs to produce firewood for camping or fire pit uses.


Sourced from local turf farms, can be supplied, supplied and laid. Other services to complement the turf like sprinklers can be supplied by Beehive's landscape services

Bark & Mulch

You can rely on Rod and the Beehive Property Maintenance team to provide you with the best landscaping supplies. Contact us today to discuss your ideas in Emerald.

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